Lee website set for a revamp

Lee on the international denim brands is all set to revamp its Indian site soon. The Indian website of the group www.leelounge.com is all set to get a revamp after two year of its launch.

The site has around 19,000 registered members for the website and was launched in 2006. The numbers of the members are just accounted till November, 2007. The revamp process of the website is being undertaken by Maxus Interaction Bangalore. The group says that genre in which the brand is present right now needs constant change always. It further adds that the lifestyle and fashion business is such that a it demands constant changes in it.

The site is targeted at the youth in the age group of 15 to 25. The agency that will give the website a new look says that the site will be like a positioning statement and it will be able to create an imagery for the brand among the target audience for Lee.

It is not only the website that is going through a change, there is an increase in the digital ad spending by the group, which it has announced recently. The group says that about 12-15 per cent of the total marketing spends in 2007 went to digital media, and in 2008, they are planning to raise it to 20 per cent.

The revamped site will have a product information section called Lee Collection and a Download section which will allow users to download wallpapers, jingles and the Lee television commercial. The current Lee site has user generated blogs, which will also be there in the revamped version. Apart from providing brand related information to consumers, Lee is planning to introduce business oriented networking among its dealers in India. The new site will have an Intranet blog, which will be accessible only to dealers. It will be used to share information related to products and sales among various dealers. The dealers will also be allowed to upload pictures and videos in this section.

The new website will be promoted through Lee’s TVC and radio spots. Online promotion of the website will be done by search marketing, which will drive the eyeballs on the site. The company plans to endorse e-commerce on the revamped site. A link will be created on the site, which will take users to Indiatimes.com, where an online retail store to sell Lee products will be set up.

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