Adclub Managing Committee

Mr. Partha Sinha


Mr. Rana Barua

Vice President

Mr. Shashi Sinha

Mr. Shashi Sinha


Mr. Mitrajit Bhattacharya

Mr. Mitrajit Bhattacharya

Joint Secretary

Dr. Bhaskar Das

Dr. Bhaskar Das


Managing Committee Members

Mr. Prasanth Kumar

Mr. Vikram Sakhuja

Mr. Ajay Kakar

Mr. Ajay Kakar

Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee

Mr. Rahul Johri

Mr. Aditya Swamy

Mr. Aditya Swamy

Ms. Manasi Narasimhan

Co-opted Members

Ms. Punitha Arumugam

Ms. Sonia Huria

Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi

Special Invitees

Mr. Avinash Pant

Mr. Raj Nayak

Mr. Raj Nayak

Mr. Ajay Chandwani

Ms. Sapangeet Rajwant

Ms. Sapangeet Rajwant

Ms. Namrata Tata

Ms. Rathi Gangappa

Mr. Sidharth Rao

Mr. Alok Lall

Mr. Vikas Khanchandani

Mr. Malcolm Raphael

Immediate Past President

Mr. Partho Dasgupta

Mr. Partho Dasgupta

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Opera House,Mumbai
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+91 22 23892067

About AdClub

The Ad Club has become a catalyst in developing the industry. It is a dynamic platform for professionals and students from different fields to gain from each other’s expertise. It provides an opportunity to interact with the best known professionals from the Advertising, Marketing, Media, Research and Communication fraternity.

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