Kingfisher Calendar 2013 uses ‘Cinemagraph’ for the first time in India

In its 11th edition, the iconic Kingfisher Calendar takes a turn for avant-garde & breathes a trace of life into the images with the amazing ‘Cinemagraph’ technology. Cinemagraphs have been used to provide a whole new perspective to the Kingfisher Calendar as it embarks on a journey into another exciting decade.

The use of Cinemagraphs is set to open up a new style of art for digital promotion of the Kingfisher Calendar 2013. The cinemagraph version of the Kingfisher Calendar has also been released online and can be downloaded from

Cinemagraph combines the best of animation and photography capturing the true essence of a moment, further enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the calendar. To create a captivating effect on the viewer, one of the elements in the images displays a subtle movement. The image leans towards being slightly fantastical – shadowy flash of the tree on Elena Fernandes in one of the pictures shot in Hoyo Hoyo, Tsonga Lodge or Priya Emmanuel’s hair and the tree leaves blowing in the wind and the river flowing in a picture taken in Hamilton’s luxury tented camp etc..

Cinemagraphs catapulted to fame internationally when the Harry Potter franchise adapted the technology to animate the magical newspaper, The Daily Prophet in their movies.

Sharing his excitement about using Cinemagraphs, Atul Kasbekar enthuses “This is an exciting time for fashion photography worldwide, which seems to be evolving at breakneck speed in the digital revolution. To take this year’s Kingfisher calendar a notch higher, we have used the exciting technology of “Cinemagraphs”, a combination of photography and video to present viewers with, effectively an internet version of the Kingfisher calendar. So if you weren’t luck enough to get a copy from the desk of the Chairman, Dr. Vijay Mallya, you could always download the calendar – in Cinemagraph”.

Beautiful pristine beaches, silver sands, lush mountains and unblemished wildlife, the Kingfisher Calendar 2013 is shot in the most exotic locations of South Africa. The calendar features sizzling beauties such as Elena Fernandes, Kyra Dutta, Priya Emmanuel, Kanishtha Dhankar and Nevena Pejatovic (winner of the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar 2013 on NDTV Good Times).

With the technology easily shared online, the Kingfisher calendar will leverage the digital platform to increase accessibility this year on.


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