Asian Paints Launches ColourNext 2013

Asian Paints today launched ColourNext 2013, a research based annual trend forecasting initiative, which predicts the colors that are likely to have the most influence on Indian interiors this year.

Currently in its 10th year, ColourNext is the outcome of extensive research spread over six months involving over 100 designers and multi-disciplinary experts from across India. The colors predicted for 2013 fall under five broad themes called Gender Blender, Human, Pockets of Silence, Taste of Earth and Upcycle.

Commenting on the initiative, Amit Syngle, President – Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints said: “ColourNext by Asian Paints highlights our journey across India to understand the changing dynamics of consumer behavior that define contemporary color trends. ColourNext aims to provide concrete and resonating design directions, which can then be adapted and molded by designers.”

“The genesis of ColourNext goes way back to 2002 when as a company dealing with colours, we realized that there was no India-centric color forecast. It was this quest of looking at Indian trends and colors to give direction to the design community in India, which led us to create the first color forecast. Asian Paints is now in the 10th year of ColourNext and growing stronger every year.”

Over the last 10 years, the ColourNext research process has been refined and polished to result in themes that closely resonate and align with India’s changing visage. Experts from varied fields of design including interiors, architecture, fashion, product, art and Bollywood, put together a large set of possible design themes for the coming year using data provided by Asian Paints and research partner CKS. A panel comprising style and design leaders curate this into the most promising five themes and colour palettes for India.

Five themes of ColourNext 2013:

Gender Blender: Gender Blender celebrates a liberal world that makes room for every kind of gender identity. A harmony of contrasts characterizes this sophisticated color arrangement. Iridescent hues segue seamlessly into more muted tones reflecting the creation of balance between two distinct ideologies. Layering unusual colors and dual toned shades carries the theme forward whilst the flowing color wash finish has a freeing, relaxing effect on the palette.

Human: With every technological breakthrough, human capabilities and potential get more enhanced. Technology with its human face is what inspires this chromatic expression. The color palette includes neons and greys are softened by gentle and nurturing pinks and flesh tones.

Taste of Earth: The raw beauty of local, indigenous materials, their singular texture and natural hues comprises this palette. This is a refined and nuanced color vocabulary that relies both on textures and shades for impact. Earthy tones of natural materials, muted and basic hues all flow into each other reflecting their subtle interplay.

Pockets of Silence: A pause stimulates an individual’s need for a quiet sojourn with self. Layers of color tones symbolize the emotional transition that the mind goes through. While soft whites and beiges create a placid light and clean mood, deep contemplative blue-greys evoke a sense of stillness.

Upcycle: The antithesis of the use and dispose mindset, upcycling sees objects reappearing like old friends in new and exciting forms. Sepia tones, old metal and wood finishes symbolize object that have come down from older times. These are accented with brighter, glossier shades to complete the idea of a snazzy makeover. The result is a contemporary offbeat color palette.


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