Corporate Membership Form


  1. Applications must be proposed and seconded by members, who must quote their membership number while affixing their signatures.
  2. Fee Structure:
    a) Rs. 1,00,000/- Plus 18% GST for 10 members for 15 Years.
    b) Rs. 2,50,000/- Plus 18% GST for 25 members for 15 Years.
    c) Rs. 5,00,000/- Plus 18% GST for 50 members for 15 Years.
  3. Applications must be accompanied by a crossed cheque or demand draft for admission. Cheque should be drawn in favour of “The Advertising Club Bombay” and should be payable at Mumbai. We insist on Demand Draft for outstation payments.

Corporate Member (Rule 8)

  1. A Corporate Member shall pay such entrance fees and such Annual subscription fees as the Managing Committee may fix from time to time. The Managing Committee may at its discretion fix the annual subscription fees based on the number of nominees of a Corporate Member.
  2. During the subsistence of the Corporate Membership, a Corporate Member shall have the right to nominate up to fifty nominees by giving the Secretary of the Club a notice in writing, specifying in respect of each such Nominee, the name, residential address, designation or office held in the Body Corporate and such other particulars as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee.
  3. The Corporate Member shall designate one of the Corporate Nominees as the “Authorised Representative of the Corporate Member”. The other nominees shall be designated as “Ordinary Corporate Nominees.”
  4. The Corporate Member shall have the right to withdraw its Corporate Nominee/s at any time by giving the Secretary of the Club a notice of not less than fifteen days in writing to that effect.
  5. On the withdrawal of Corporate Nominee, the Corporate Member shall be entitled to nominate another nominee.
  6. A Corporate Member shall have only one vote at the General Meetings of the Club. Such vote can be exercised only by the Authorised Representative of the Corporate Member. Ordinary Corporate nominees cannot attend and / or vote at General Meeting.
  7. In addition to the grounds specified in Rule No. 14 (so far as it may be applicable) a Corporate Member shall cease to be a member of the Club on any of the following grounds:
    (i) On its ceasing to have an office or a place of business in Mumbai.
    (ii) On its being taken into liquidation or ordered to be wound up by a court or on amalgamation or merger with any other company or body corporate.
  8. Subject to clause (6) above, a Corporate Nominee shall enjoy the same rights as are conferred on an ordinary member of the Club. He shall be amenable to the same discipline and behaviour and be subject to the provisions of all the Rules as are for the time being applicable to members of the Club. For the removal of doubts, it is specified that the Managing Committee may at its discretion and without assigning any reason refuse to accept the nomination of any person or cancel his nomination after giving fifteen days notice to the Corporate Member.
  9. The Corporate Nominee shall cease to enjoy all rights whatsoever conferred upon him / her under these Rules immediately on cessation of membership of the Corporate Member.
    (For Life, Annual and Student Membership different Application Forms are available.)

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